Organizational Learning & Development

Because employees are
your most important asset.

Improve the overall effectiveness and productivity of your workforce in WA, OR, CA, or ID from the executive team to the floor. Training is an important part of having a “best it can be” workplace, which also just happens to be the Vigilant mission.

The ability to develop and advance talent is essential for a company to achieve sustainable, long-term success. As advocates for continuous learning, we understand that different organizations, and the people within those organizations, learn differently. That's why we provide three ways to learn. Regardless of the style of learning you choose, you can be confident it is based on a proven methodology and led by an experienced facilitator or trainer.

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Evolve and retain your workforce

Business success is about continuous improvement and continuous improvement comes from discovery and learning.
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Foster productivity, development, and commitment through meaningful and dynamic training. Highly interactive courses, led by our experienced trainers, teach real skills through practical applications.

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Organizational Development

Be potent, powerful, and effective at the individual, team, and company level. Together, we will work to first understand and assess the current situation and then identify opportunities for change that will move you closer to fulfilling your mission.

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Vigilant Leadership Advantage

Empower your top talent to take their leadership to the next level. VLA is a development program that leverages powerful group learning and on-the-job experience providing immediate and widespread impact on your organization.

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Develop your team

Organizational Development

Learning and discovery are at the heart of excellence. They are also at the heart of organizational development. We can help you discover and learn at the company, team and individual level through services such as:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Custom meeting and retreat design and facilitation
  • Personality, behavior and value assessments
  • Executive team development

With convenient locations in the West Coast, we make it easier than ever to develop your organization.

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Advance supervisors & safety leaders

Vigilant Leadership Advantage (VLA)

VLA combines on-the-job experience and group learning to create the ultimate leadership development program for your supervisors or safety leaders.

The results are a faster path to mastery, better retention and sustainable long-term company success. Program participants will capitalize on one another's resources and skills, asking for information, evaluating ideas, and monitoring work, therefore both accelerating and enhancing their learning opportunities. VLA is also available in an online, self-paced version, eVLA.

Building Critical Skills


Dynamic training courses focus on real workplace problems and solutions. Our training is highly interactive, practical and flexible—designed to meet the needs of today's workforce.

Experienced trainers ensure new concepts and skills are absorbed and ready to be put into practice. Some of our most popular courses include:

  • The Totally Responsible Person® (Personal Accountability)
  • Five Fundamentals of Supervision
  • Communication Essentials
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Contact Kailee Dinius to learn more about our Organizational Development services and how you and your company can benefit from them.